Drain and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Services

AAA Drain and Video, LLC (formerly Drain Pro) has provided professional drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and video pipeline inspection services to Prince George's and Montgomery counties for 20 years. We are a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

How does AAA Drain & Video Shine Above Other Companies?

We have incorporated the video camera in our standard drain cleaning process and maintained the fixed rate for homeowners. Our process includes relieving the blockage initially. Secondly we run the video camera and produce a color/sound VHS tape or DVD of the existing sewer line. Afterwards we re-snake the line concentrating on the root or grease buildup. After the line is cleaned as well as possible we make a final video of the lateral with verbal technical analysis.

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Root Preventive Maintenance Programs
Includes one four pound foam treatment every 12 months.

  • • Kills and speeds decay of roots in sanitary and storm lines
  • • Environmentally safe, nationwide EPA acceptance
  • • Cost-effective formula saves money
  • • Sold and used exclusively by professional plumbers and drain cleaners

Learn more about environmentally safe RootX-the best root preventive maintenance program In the entire area.

  • Helps biodegrade organic waste in septic and cesspool systems
  • Breaks down fiber, grease, and cleaning products
  • Cost-effective formula saves money
  • Also great for drains and garbage disposals
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