I requested Mr. White’s to video my sewer and provide me an exact location where the problem existed. I had one company which said the problem was at 35 feet after snaking. After wards they ran the camera and said they could not see through the sludge. Prior to letting them dig up my yard I requested AAA Drain and Video attempt to video the line. Mr. White’s crew arrived in Mar 2009. The sewer was backed up when they first ran the camera. They were still able to get 141 feet through sludge and water. Since the line was still backed up past my property line, Mr. White attempted to save me money by calling the local water company (WSSC) and informing them of the status. He had placed a green flag as far as the camera could get, which was 7 feet from the mainline connection. Because of his knowledge, expertise and reputation with the water company, they authorized him to clear the line and televise the line again at their cost. The result was that I have a major root intrusion problem from the mainline connection for about seven feet. Mr. White’s crew removed most of the roots and provided the water company enough information so they could develop a plan to fix the problem. He returned my check for the initial video service he performed, even though he really did not have to. I not only enjoyed his book, but I also purchased copies for some of my friends.

Mrs. Carter

Beltsville, Maryland


I have used Mr. White’s company for all my sewer and drain problems in several apartment buildings and single family homes since the 1990s. I have always been impressed with his work as well as his honesty. His book was a long time coming and is a blessing to new home owners.

LaSalle Petty Jr.

USAF Colonel Retired

Washington, DC


AAA Drain and Video responded to a plumbing emergency at my home. They arrived when they said they would, completed the job professionally, protected my property by placing tarps and cleaned up behind themselves. Mr. White said modestly, that he was just doing his job. Both my husband and I are very impressed.

Audrey Williams

Upper Marlboro, Maryland


We had been having sewer backups regularly and contacted a large plumbing company out of the phone book to resolve the problem. They snaked the service and ran a video camera. They said our sewer pipe was collapsed beneath the sidewalk in front of our house and they could fix the problem for $7.000.00 which did not include replacing the sidewalk. We never saw a tape. I felt uneasy and contacted AAA Drain and Video. AAA Drain and Video gave us a tape of our sewer. The tape was in color and sound and the analysis was recorded. Mr. White personally explained his findings. He showed us that the sewer did not even go out the front of my house but went out the back. He showed us the man holes which support the main that my sewer line taps into. He also showed us that our sewer pipe was not collapsed. My sewer backups were because approximately five feet of pipe beneath my laundry room had sunk and completely lost grade. We are retired and on a fixed income so we really appreciated the service that AAA Drain and Video provided. He saved us from being taken advantage of and we were able to have the problem repaired by an honest plumber.

Mr and Mrs Peters

Germantown, Maryland

I just want to start off by saying thank you for your sincere workmanship. Your work exceeded my expectation because of the bad work we had done by the other plumber. I just want to say thank you again. There is nothing more for me to say because your work speaks for itself.

Yours Truly



In 1998 we were having so many sewer problems that we contracted AAA Drain and Video to locate the pipe for dig up preparation. Mr. White showed us a root infested lateral which he claimed had never been properly snaked. They cleaned the line and put us on their annual foam root preventive maintenance program. That was seven years ago. We have not had a sewer back up since!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Dwyer

Bethesda, Maryland

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